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„PIRATEs“ Training in Italien – Call für Trainer_innen

Advanced Training for Trainers PIRATEs Pedagogical approaches, Intercultural learning, and Raising Awareness Tools in Europe.

The Advanced Training for Trainers will be held from the 01st to the 07th of June 2024, in Casa Laboratorio Il Cerquosino, Orvieto (TR), Italy.

TOPIC: the main topic “youth work as a tool for active participation”, aims intentionally to be quite wide, to give everybody the chance to propose different sub-topics or related subjects.

AIM: to develop tools and working methods, among facilitators and trainers, to further promote active youth participation. More specifically, the Advanced Training for Trainers, aims to exchange knowledge and resources among trainers involved in youth work at local, national and European levels, and to stimulate the exchange of practises, approaches and peer learning.

ROLES: there won’t be the “standard training structure” with a pool of trainers and a group of participants. On the contrary, we are interested in the promotion of  a horizontal approach, where all the participants, being trainers and facilitators with different profiles and expertise, will contribute to the structure and activities implementation. Therefore, everybody will be both trainer facilitating workshops and participants taking part in the workshops/activities proposed and created by other co-facilitators.

STRUCTURE: PIRATES AT4Ts would be focused both on methods as well as on different subjects participants/trainers are interested to tackle/experiment. For this reason, we will ask everybody to complete some preparatory work before the AT4Ts to better understand needs and expectations. Then during the AT4Ts a specific session will be dedicated to expectations and needs sharing and assessment, before starting the co-creation of the new workshops, their testing and evaluation.

Arrival: 31 May 2024
Dates TC: 01 – 07 June 2024
Departure: 08 June 2024

DEADLINE and APPLICATION: we kindly ask you to let us know if you will manage to join the AT4Ts, as we really wish, within the 15 of February 2024 by filling the application form that you can find at this link: https://forms.gle/sh5o84i6mvrYJhEp9

More details in this document 🙂