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Call for participants! – Inclusive Organisations

International Training – Inclusive Organizations
15th – 21st February 2024
Spain, Alicante

Co-funded by European Union

About the Certification Scheme

The Certification Scheme is a tool developed with the partnership of the project and is aimed to help organisations to plan yearly goals and indicators to become more inclusive. The Scheme is divided in a 3 years-long plan, with specific stages and evaluation processes at the end of every cycle.

  • 1st year: in the first year of the Certification Scheme, the organisation will go through a self assessment tool, training itself and will set up an action for 1 year, focused on becoming more inclusive and learning more about working with and including young people from marginalised groups. Within the same year, at the end of the cycle, an evaluation will be carried out and the organisation will go to the next level.
  • 2nd year: in the second year, after completing the evaluation of the previous cycle, the action plan is created with more elements for becoming more inclusive: the entire staff of the organisation participates in specialised training, the staff gets experience in more than one area of inclusion of young people. The cycle is closed with another evaluation of the year.
  • 3rd year: The last cycle of the Scheme brings the organisations to a more complex planning, creating a long-term strategy at internal level. In this action plan, the organisation will create a strategic development plan, will think of budgetary allocations for working in more areas of inclusivity with young people, and will work on a long-term vision of the organisations, setting up indicators and monitoring tools.

Aim of the training

We will develop, test and evaluate a set of tools that will be based on the values and measures collected in the Certification Scheme for organisations. These activities will be useful for youth workers that are willing to work on inclusion, anti discrimination and good treatment in their own local contexts and organisations.

Specific objectives of the course:

  • Provide NGOs and youth lead organisations with tools that will enlarge the accessibility and inclusiveness of their activities and daily work.
  • Learn how to create and implement an action plan for inclusive development of organisations.
  • Create and test and evaluation methodology for the yearly cycles of the Certification Scheme.
  • Train the participants how to facilitate the process of self assessment for local partner organisation and how to monitor and support the implementation of the cycles of the Certification Scheme.

Profile of the participants

  • Facilitators or trainers with experience in non-formal education
  • Staff members of organisations with experience to contribute to content creation of workshops with specific topics
  • Participants who themselves come from marginalised groups (since we want to highlight the value of experience)
  • Advanced level of English.

To apply or for more details about agenda, costs, specific, etc.:

E-Mail : inclusive.organisations@grenzenlos.or.at

Application deadline: January, 7