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Training: „Anti Extremism Training“

Place: Vienna, Austria – the venue is accessible for wheel chair user!
Duration: 5 days 14.-18.11.2022

Background of the project

Grenzenlos is organising international projects and intercultural exchanges for more than 70 years. In the last years we dedicated our trainings to the topics of civil courage, human rights, peace-work and crisis management. In a time where extremisms worldwide are getting stronger, we want to provide a training to work on methods on how to prevent and fight against extremisms. As well, on how to provide better tools for volunteers to be used whenever they are confronted with extremism. 

We believe the international volunteering services activities are a powerful tool that can be used to bring better understanding among people. We see our work as a way to promote dialogue and understanding. 

In this training setting, we want to focus on the areas of dealing with conflicts related to extremist. In different fictional but realistic scenarios, the participants will develop their skills and learn from each other about the importance of preventing and fighting against extremism.  

In this training we work with a non-formal learning approach. We want to enable personal and social development for all participants through different interactive methods. The training consists of a mix of theoretical input, interactive and participatory methods, as well as group work.  

Aims and Objectives

  • To promote and teach anti-extremism work To promote dialog and understanding 
  • To share methods on how to encourage volunteers, mentors, and youth workers to seeks ways of recognising and working against extremisms.  
  • To sensitize young people and youth workers on situations where extremisms appear 
  • Train different possibilities on how to re-/act in public life 
  • To sensitize young people and youth workers towards dangerous situations  
  • To rise participants self-confidence and empower them act 
  • To give participants and youth organisations involved in international voluntary projects tools to stand up against racism and inequality 

About the training

  • Working language: The main working language is ENGLISH. 
  • You are part of the training course content; therefore, your own contribution is important!  
  • More information will follow. 

What to bring

  • As the training will take place in a youth hostel, please bring your own towels and toiletries. The bed sheets will be provided by the youth hostel. 
  • Bring also some material from your organization which could be interesting for the other participants (Films, leaflets, project material etc). there’s going to be a little space to present the organizations. 
  • Bring something special (food, music etc.) from your country, we will organize a international evening to discover your culture. 

Application & financial support

  • This project is financed by the Erasmus + Youth Mobility of Youth Workers. Being selected for this course all costs relevant to participation in the course will be covered by the Austrian NA. All costs for board and lodging are covered. Depending on the distance to Vienna you will receive a travel lump sum. For more details have a look at the Erasmus+ Users Guide 2020.  
  • We request from each participant a participation fee of 50 Euro. The costs will be reduced from your travel reimbursement. Participants with disabilities won’t need to pay the participation feed. 
  • Please note that we refund the travel costs earliest 8 weeks after the course (in case we have received all needed invoices and boarding passes and after you have completed your mobility report) and only to the responsible organisational accounts! 

For more information or registration: trainings@grenzenlos.or.at