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Become active, be in your life

ORT: Mersin
DATUM: 23-29 September 2019


The Objectives of the Seminar

  • To inform young participants about „individual rights“
  • To inform the participants about the European Disability Strategy, to invite them to participate in theactivities contributing to this strategy and to form necessary collaborations.
  • Young people, the future leaders of Europe, should be aware of the rights they have to this seminar,who closely follow the political and legal processes of their countries and the World to contribute to youth. To increase the skills of young people in their surroundings to performactivities that will raise awareness after the seminar is over,
  • To increase the knowledge level of young people on disability rights
  • Ensure that young people working in the disability area are guided by more accurate information byincreasing their knowledge level on disability rights and basic human rights issues
  • Create justifications for sharing experiences and partnerships between young people and youthworkers on disability rights
  • We have also achieved the provision of intercultural learning among the participants.

Who can participate?

Participants are expected to be young people who are:

  • No age limit but we expect participants! age between 18 –45
  • interested in working with individual within disability about human rights and/or civil society
  • individual with disability who interested work in civil society or relatives of İndividual with disability who interested work in civil society or youth worker/volunteers who interested
  • to be goodable to communicate in English.

Application & financial support

Location and Accomodation

The youth exchange will take place in Mersin, Turkey. It’s a large city and a port in southern Turkey, on the Mediterranean coast between Antalya and Adana. More info at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mersin. We will host in accessible hotel. We will give more information in few days.

Health and Travel Insurance

There will be no travel and health insurance provided by the project. Travel and health insurances of the participants are under the responsibility of the partner organization. Be aware that European health card isn’t valid in Turkey

Transportation Details

The best way to come to Mersin is booking your flights to Adana airport. In front of the terminal you can take shuttle bus coming directly to Mersin. You should get out from the bus at FORUM shopping mall, where we are going towelcome you and bring you to the hotel.

And other possibility might be booking your flights to Antalya or Ankara airports. But in this case you should take bus to Mersin, which takes around 7 h from Ankara and 8 h from Antalya. Choose this option only if you find a very cheapflights. If you need accessible car for participants with disability from Adana airport to Hotel. Please tell us. We will arrange it.

Please keep in mind the cost of shuttle bus from Adana to Mersin and from Mersin to the hotel, which costs around 20 € per person (round way).

We will reimburse your travel costs 100% up to the maximum amount as listed above, higher costs are considered as your co-funding. Reimbursements will be sent to the organization by bank transfer, after getting all of your returned documents, approximately in 2 weeks after the project

Needed documents are:

  • e-tickets (or invoices taken by the flight company) with price written on it,
  • boarding passes of your flights,
  • receipts/tickets for other mean of transportations than flights.

Missing documents will NOT be reimbursed.

What more

If you have any special conditions (diet, you are vegan, vegetarian…, allergies, any physical impairment or other disability…) tell us these conditions in advance.

We suggest you to bring your own cosmetic articles and self-care products. No need to bring sheets and towels, which are provided by the hotel.

Don’t forget to bring some materials, such as traditional dresses, music instruments… and snacks, drinks etc from your country for cultural evenings. We are expecting you to organize an unforgettable cultural evening of your country with yourtraditional games, folk dances, music, food, drinks etc.

Board and lodging will be covered by the Erasmus+ program

How to join the project?

If you decide to participate at the project please make sure that you have contacted us as soon as possible

We are looking forward to receive your applications!