GloRe 2

General objectives
Overall, this project aims at boosting the development of an informal network of organisations that
use GloRe Certificate System and to increase the quality of the System itself.

Specific Outcomes:

  1. Create e-learning and NFE tools to support the learning assessment of international
    volunteers and to help them creating their GloRe Certificate
  2. Create e-learning modules to support international volunteers in the entire experience:
    modules on pre-departure, ongoing, final evaluation and re-integration
  3. Create e-learning and NFE tools to train new organisations willing to join in our informal
  4. Improve usability and usefulness of GloRe system for employability purposes
  5. Enlarge the informal network from 8 to 14 organisations giving to all partners the
    competences to use the system and fulfilling its quality standards
  6. Build the Capacity of the organisations who participate in GloRe1 to train new
    organisation in using GloRe system and to create national GloRe networks
  7. Set the strategy and tools for further enlargement of the informal network.

    All partners are experienced in sending and coordination of not-financed international volunteering
    mobility. We are 4 partners of GloRe1 (Joint, Rota Jovem, SVI and MCH) conventionally defined
    as “Old partner” and 4 new partners from Europe (Grenzenlos AT, Brujula Intercultural ES,
    Jeunesse et Reconstruction FR and Team for Youth Association RO) and 6 new partners from
    Latin America (Bolivia Digna, ICYE Brazil, ICYE Colombia, Voluntario Global AR, Vimex ME,
    Fundacion Bolivar EC): they will be conventionally called “New partners”. All organisations will
    become members of the Open Network of organisations developing the GloRe Support and
    Certification System.

    Project’s flow description:
    In the table below, you can find more details on each meeting. In the 1st meeting will participate
    only the “Old Partners” delegate together with a local stakeholder + e-learning and recognition
    experts (2 external experts that we’ll contract for the project) and the website expert. In the 2nd
    meeting 4 delegates of the “Old Partners” and 1 delegate of Vimex (the organisation that will host
    international meetings) will join 1 E-learning expert, 1 recognition expert and 1 website expert.
    During the 2 meetings we will create the e-learning modules to support the international
    volunteers and the new organisations interested in joining the network. We will also review the
    certification system thanks to the feedbacks from the stakeholders participating in the 1st meeting
    and we will define the contents and facilitation of the following meetings.
    From the 3rd Activity on, all partners will participate in the meetings. After understanding the
    general flow and goals of the project (A3) there will be 2 “Continental meetings” (A4 and A5) in
    which will participate the partners from the same continent (EU partners will participate in the
    meeting in Spain and vice versa LA partners in the meeting in Colombia). From each participating
    country will participate the partner’s delegate + 2 national stakeholders.
    Then the partners interested will have a budget to implement a national event to promote GloRe
    Certificate Network (A6). In the Final evaluation (A7) all partners will meet to define follow-up and
    possible enlargement of the network.
Erasmus+ Programme