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Training Youth Work Can Unite: Merging Parallel Realities in Europe

“This training experience has brought new ideas for continued efforts to challenge racism in Europe and beyond.”

“My team and myself have already planned a series of projects and events, based on the ideas and inputs from other participants and with the help of the methods used in this training which will be put into practice in the next months. This should enable more people in our community to engage with people from other cultures and learn from them, therefore strengthening the local community and civil society.”

“I am more aware now of the situation for refugees and asylum seekers in other european countries and I realized that we really have to use all the possibilities we have in Austria to help those people integrate in our society, as this is not the same in many other countries.” (Feedback participants)

Date: 22 – 26 February 2017

Venue: Graz, Austria

Coordinator: Grenzenlos Austria

Involved Partners and countries: ICYE International Office, Germany; Dansk ICYE, Denmark; Maailmanvaihto, Finland; Association Jeunesse et Reconstruction, France; AUS Iceland; FIYE, Poland; KERIC, Slovakia; Inter-Cultural Youth Exchange, UK; AFSAI, Italy; UNITED for Intercultural Action, the Netherlands.

Profile of participants: Youth workers, volunteers and staff and board members of youth volunteering organisations with and without migrant backgrounds.

Context and background: Europe is facing one of the most trying moments in recent history. Political rhetoric, populist discourses and media narratives are fuelling fear and resentment, leading to a significant surge in right-wing nationalism, xenophobic incidents and hate crimes directed at refugees, migrants and minorities. It is now more important than ever to come together and plan strategies to challenge narratives in which refugees, migrants and minorities are a danger to European society, and to work towards a diverse and inclusive Europe. Youth and voluntary work have the potential to make a difference: by way of strategic anti-racism measures, support provided to refugees for their successful integration and support to NGOs working with refugees.