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Training ‘Volunteers as peace agents’ report of a participant

The training ‘Volunteers as peace agents’ took place in Vienna, in Youth hostel – Brigittenau – Youth Palace – Jugendherberge  from 25th May until 29th May 2019 and was organised by Grenzenlos organisation. The training brought together about 40 participants from more than 20 countries including people with disabilities.

Participants gathered to talk and reflect about peace and how volunteering could impact and contribute to a more peaceful society. They also introduced their own organization and took part in an intercultural night in which they shared food and tried traditional outfits from different countries to celebrate diversity.

Working on team-building activities, participants also implemented their own workshop in various institutions to promote peace and make a difference: a school for visually impaired children, a Kindergarden and a school for young people with mental health issues. Another group created a street action performance in Vienna train station and shopping mail to raise awareness about peace, intercultural exchanges to be united in diversity.

The training was very successful and enabled participants to gain a better understanding of what peace and peace work involve and step out of their comfort zone. They also learned new tools and methods that will benefit their future work in their respective organisation.