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Ready, steady, go! Training course on methodologies for recruiting, applying and mentoring inclusive voluntary projects

“I’ve learned a lot about different disabilities, diversity and inclusion.”

“There were many new, inclusive methods and opportunities for new partnerships. I’ve made new friends.”

“I became more aware of inclusion and inclusive methods though my country is not ready for inclusive projects, yet, I know now how to integrate

 “I have learned good methods I can use in my everyday work for e.g. to talk about inclusion. I realised that there are not many people with learning disabilities speaking english. I would like to open doors for people with learning disabilities through offering accessible language courses.“

Thanks to all the knowledge and experience I have acquired about inclusion during this training through organizing and implementing own projects that are as much inclusive as possible at a local level and also at a European level

Date: 24/05 – 30/05/2018 Venue: Vienna, Austria Organizer: Grenzenlos Interkultureller Austausch

Involved Partners: Weltwegweiser/Jugend eine Welt, Hayya Bina, Leaders of Life Jordan, Sistem & Jenerasyon, HUJ, INEX, The Starry Start of Talents Foundation, Union Forum, Action Scambieuropei, Zavod ODTIZ, League of Youth Voluntary Service, Farhat Hached Institute for Research and Democracy, Team For Youth Association,  Gantalcala, Continuous Action, Centrum Współpracy Młodzieży, BEZEV

Training course on methodologies for recruiting, Park

Aims and objectives of the training were:

  • To promote inclusion in international projects
  • To develop a set of adjusted inclusive methodologies for different disabilities (physical disabilities, learning disabilities, visual impaired, mixed ability groups etc.)
  • To create a pool to exchange experience of the participants
  • To transfer the methods from Grenzenlos to international partners and to discover new ones
  • To strengthen the partnership among organisations
  • And last, but not least to get inspired!

During the training course different approaches and methodologies for recruiting, applying and mentoring inclusive voluntary projects were discovered and explored.

Inclusive means: How can organisations support volunteers with different disabilities and how we can create voluntary programs accesible. In this way volunteers with disabilities act as their own agents of change instead of being the one who seeks for help and support.

Participants explored the situation of people with disabilities in different countries as well as methods on how to work with mixed abiity groups, how to address their programs towards different needs, they learned some basics in Easy to read languge and explored also different creative method s. The main message was that there is still a lot to do for youth organisations but also that it is not so difficult!

One of the results of the training was an exchange network where organisations from Europe exchange possibilities for volunteers.

Trainers and support team: Carlos Gauna (Grenzenlos), Barbara Eglitis (Grenzenlos), Jitka Burianova (INEX SDA)

The project was supported by Erasmus+ and  by the network Weltwegweiser (http://www.weltwegweiser.at/inklusion)