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Training: “Better safe than sorry” – Practical tools for Crisis Management in Volunteering Services.

Place: Vienna, Austria – The venue is accessible for wheel chair user!
Duration: 5 days 09.-13.11.2021

Background of the project

Grenzenlos is running international projects and exchanges since nearly 70 years. In the last years we dedicated our trainings to the topics of civil courage, human rights, and peace-work. But one of the most recurrent topics on the last years has been the need for a better preparation and support for our organisations and the participants itself whenever there is the need for psychological support.  
The training is part of a bigger strategy that aims create awareness of the preparation, handling, and follow-up during the crisis intervention. After the success of the seminar in 2020, Grenzenlos is now aiming to create a training course on practical methods that can be used to mitigate crisis in volunteering services. It will be a holistic activity that will ask for the participants experiences and knowledge to enrich the program and to provide new and different inputs on dealing with crisis in volunteering services.

Aims and Objectives

  • To promote discuss how different organisations prepare their personal and volunteers in case of crisis innervations;
  • To have fruitful debates on dealing with crisis;
  • To apply to created “Quick Check-List” of the previous training in different settings;
  • To give youth organisations methods on how mitigate possible crisis during the preparation, handling and follow ups;
  • To give participants and youth organisations involved in international voluntary projects tools to manage with psychological crisis.

Who can participate?

  • Organisations from EU countries
  • We intend to host 1-2 participants/country
  • We are looking for participants who are active in your youth organization (volunteers, staff, mentors …)

Note that all participants should

  • be 18+ (no upper age limit!);
  • Involved in the work of your organisation (as a volunteer and/or worker);
  • Able to attend the whole duration of the course;
  • Able to work in English;
  • Interested in crisis and conflict work as such;
  • Ready to pass the knowledge on and to implement campaigns after the training.

Application & financial support

  • Participation fee: 50 Euro (The amount will be deducted from the refund of travel costs)
  • Participants with disabilities can participate free of charge!!!
  • The Financial support is sought within the Erasmus+ programme, Key Action 1.
  • Depending on the distance to Vienna you will receive a travel lump sum. For more details have a look at the Erasmus+ Users guide. Board and lodging will be covered by the Erasmus+ program

For more information or registration: trainings@grenzenlos.or.at
Deadline for Registration: The first deadline is due the 15.09.2021

*Covid-19 Information

The current situation is allowing us to host this training. We will support those organisations who needs it with an invitation letter. In case there is any change in the current rules from the Austrian government will let you know in due time. We will try to confirm the Training a month before its beginning.