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Mixed Ability Dance Workshop, 17.10.2021

On 17th of October 2021 a mixed ability dance workshop took place at “Grätzelmixer” in Vienna. The workshop was organized by Grenzenlos and led by Vera Rosner, a professional dance teacher and choreographer with experience in conducting dance workshops with DanceAbility.

Anyone interested in dancing and exploring movements within a diverse group was able to participate in the workshop, free of charge. The workshop gave the participants, a mixed group of people with and without disabilities who were also from various different nations, the chance to explore their own creativity and abilities through improvised dancing, and to learn more about the use of wheelchairs in everyday life as well as in dancing.  The participants could also learn more about themselves while connecting with others, and awareness was raised about inclusion, each other’s diversity and different abilities through dancing together in this mixed group of people. A sense of equality and respect for each other was created and joy for dancing and artistic expressions stimulated.

The mixed ability dance workshop was organized as a complementary activity to Nastija Fijolic’s European Solidarity Corps volunteering project. The workshop was co-funded by the European Union and the Melange program.

Here you can read some quotes from our participants:

“ This unforgettable experience let me feel the team spirit with a lot of enthusiasm and through it, I had the opportunity to free my mind, have fun and, most of all, discover myself!” – Giulia

“The mixed ability dance workshop was interesting, because it put focus on how dance is for everyone, regardless of how able-bodied you are. I liked how inclusive it was, and it really made me realize that it is possible to create so much more art when we all work together and play on each other’s differences and strengths. I had a lot of fun!“ – Silja

“I was expecting a regular dance workshop where you learn the specific moves but it was much more than that. It was such a nice experience that in 2 hours I had so much fun and I felt so free and more connected with my body. Before the workshop I had never used a wheelchair but trying to put myself in their shoes at least for a while and even dancing on the wheelchair broadened my mind. The workshop was so informative and creative. It was like a therapy for me. I’m so appreciate to Vera and to the Grenzenlos for such an experience.” – Damla